Here are a list of the most common questions we are asked. If you have a specific enquiry that is not covered below, please contact us via our contact form below.

We will continue to add to our FAQs as the project evolves. Be sure to drop us a line if something is on your mind.

Project UNITED is a not-for-profit project which designs and creates a range of sports clothing for men and women from a retail perspective, and supplies fitness aids to health practitioners from a wholesale perspective. Our objective is to use the profits received from the sale of these items to conduct our own local events relating to the importance of health, wellness, happiness, community engagement and contribution.

We see and hear stories on a daily basis of people who are unwell or trying to improve their health or well-being and make decisions based on mis-information from marketing, promotions, and assumptions, and it’s just not right. People are genuinely trying to make healthy choices but when faced with a deluge of marketing spin and manipulation, inevitably make poor choices despite having the best intentions. It’s frankly not fair, and Project UNITED was developed to offset some of these issues.

Our team is made up of four Directors, though we regularly call on the efforts of many friends and colleagues who feature largely in the photos that are posted on our social profiles.

Yes, it is a Queensland owned and operated, ABN holding, tax paying, auditable Australian business.

Apart from having a personal interest in the subject, we have a pool of consultants that work with Project UNITED including fitness coaches, professional service providers (physiotherapists and occupational therapists), dietitians, food scientists, and national level athletes. The collective intelligence of these parties form the Project UNITED knowledge base.

Project UNITED is run like a charitable organisation in the sense that profits are used to put on events and expos for our communities. So in other words, any money that UNITED makes is spent on putting on functions that provide the general public with information and knowledge on the importance of good health, wellbeing, and active lifestyles.

The difference between Project UNITED and some other not-for-profits is that no one takes a salary – those involved have regular day jobs and commit to Project UNITED through a desire to contribute to the communities that we live in.

Project UNITED is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Every cent that Project UNITED makes is used to either keep the project going or donate back into other community projects. No one at Project UNITED takes a salary and none of the funds are used for personal gain.

At the end of each financial year, we send a survey out to our supporters to ask them to vote on which charity they would like Project UNITED to contribute to. We then donate our profits on behalf of our supporters.

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